Sunday, 10 June 2012

Textiles part two

Here are some more images from the exhibition currently on show at the Butter Factory Studios till 13th June. The works were created entirely by Denmark artists and community. They are the result of the community performance project Solace + Yearning: Between Kwoorabup and Denmark which was performed along the Kwoorabup/Denmark River back in March. The project explored a shared longing to connect to the natural world and the complexities of our shared histories since colonisation.

Performer Adrian Baer
Fabrics by Heather Coombes
Constructed by Yvonne Quinn
The striking central motif is from the contact dye of the bloodroot an unassuming plant growing in the lower lying areas around Denmark.

Installation the washing scene
Text on the basin S + Y words to Row, row, row your boat

Performer Nikki Green
Fabrics by Bev Seeney, Annie Usher
Constructed by Jennifer Barter

Performer Toby Boaden
Fabrics by Sarah Martin, Bev Seeney
Constructed by Sarah Martin

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